Grace the Amazing Storyteller

by | Jun 5, 2024

Storytelling provides one of the most powerful tools to keep seniors engaged and alert, multiple studies have shown. 

And everyone loves a good adventure story, right?

Grace the Dog shares her adventures from all over our country in the award-winning book series Everybody Loves Grace. Now, it is available as a comprehensive senior activity program Living With Grace.

If you’d like the chance to see what an adventure with Grace is all about, you’re in luck!

On June 8th, I’ll be giving away 5 copies of book 1 of Everybody Loves Grace with the facilitator guide for Living with Grace for FREE!

All you have to do is fill out this form to qualify for the drawing. I hope you’ll join me as I announce the winner LIVE!

Living With Grace includes 3 copies of all 6 books, Grace the Dog Plush, audio books, a training video, and facilitator guides. 

“The guidebook’s thoughtful prompts allow readers to stay fully present and, in the moment, eliminating the need to worry about what to discuss or how to spark conversation. It provides a structured framework for discussions, ensuring that every interaction is purposeful and enriching.” -CarePartners Dementia Day Center in Houston

To learn more about Living With Grace, please visit my website at today!


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