Nautilus Silver Award – Better Books for a Better World

Everybody Loves Grace: An Amazing True Story of How Grace Brings Love to Everyone She Meets was awarded the Silver Nautilus Book Award. Better Books for a Better World is what Nautilus Book Awards are all about! Grace truly has a story and she wants children and...

National Make A Friend Day

True friendship is a priceless gift to give and receive… New friends become old friends, and can even be like a second family! #NationalMakeAFriendDay

Grace Inspires Young Readers

A mother shared a sweet story of her two young children who fell in love with Grace and the Everybody Loves Grace books. While research shows that dogs can help kids learn to read, there’s nothing like a first hand story to reinforce the message. Thank you...

Grace Gives Advice for the New Year

I’m pleased to share an article published on December 23rd in The Epoch Times. Through the grace of Grace, all things are possible. The Epoch Times is the...

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