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Grace’s Top Ten Life Lessons from 2019

  1. Be Kind – Open doors for the elderly and anyone who has their hands full. Share your toys with others.
  2. Be Brave – Don’t be afraid to bark when you want to tell the truth and have something to say.
  3. Cuddle Up – When the weather is cold or rainy, take the opportunity to take deep breaths and cuddle up with your special person.
  4. Have Fun – Jump in the car and be ready for adventure! Who knows where the ride will lead?
  5. Slow Down – it’s okay to slow down and say no when you need to.
  6. Naps are the best – Get lots of sleep and eat healthy food.
  7. Let Go – Sometimes you need to let go of a bone or toy – letting go doesn’t mean you quit.
  8. Smile – Show kindness to someone who has a frown on their face. You will likely turn that frown upside down.
  9. Friends are important – friends made on a walk can be friends for life.
  10. Ask for help – if you need help getting into the car, just ask, there will always be someone to help.

Lovingly, Grace

Merry Christmas!

May your day be Merry and Kind.

Love, Grace

Sending wishes of love and kindness.

Voices of Courage Radio

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to talk with Ken D Foster  on the Voices of Courage Radio Show.  We talked about how Grace’s life lessons give children and parents the Courage to Adapt and Evolve. What a fun conversation, thanks Ken!

To listen to my interview with Ken, just click here:

I’d also encourage you to read Ken’s newest book available at

Thanks for listening, Katy

Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be grateful for this year, and mostly it’s for all the friends and family who have helped me in so many ways…from helping me with my books, to taking care of me when Mommy travels to those who stop and say hello to me. I just want to say thank you and I hope you are having a Happy Thanksgiving.

Lovingly, Grace

A little pre-Thanksgiving snow in Denver!

Reading My Stories in China

I just learned that Everybody Loves Grace books are being read in some schools in China. It’s nice to know the books are helping Chinese students with their study of the English language.

It’s also fun to have the kids join me on my adventures.

Lovingly, Grace

Everybody Loves Grace Goes to China!

Precious Cowboys

As a follow-on to our trip to Texas, I received word that a family of young cowboys is reading Grace’s books on their ranch. I’m so grateful that her stories are making it to “hard to reach” places like this one in West Texas.

Rumor has it the boys want to have Grace come visit so she can help them herd their cattle. Grace is already asking me when can she go!

With Joy, Katy

Fun Visiting The Boys and Girls Club

I had so much fun visiting the kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Comfort, Texas. They listened carefully as Mommy read parts of my story, Everybody Loves Grace an Amazing True Story of Grace’s Adventure to Texas.

The kids were so well mannered, and they raised their hands before asking questions about my stories and me. One boy asked Mommy when the movie about my adventures is going to come out. His question made me smile and I hope someday that will happen.

Lovingly, Grace

Visiting KONO 101.1

I’ve been wanting to tell you about meeting Dave Rios during his morning show at KONO 101.1. He is very active with the Feature Teacher Literacy program in San Antonio.

It was so fun to be a part of his morning show. San Antonio is filled with many military families and Dave encouraged his listeners to read my stories.

Dave and I have a common belief. I heard him say a few times during the interview, “Yesterday’s history…Tomorrow’s a mystery…And, Today is the gift…That’s why it’s called the present.” Dave Rios

Lovingly, Grace

We Are a Little Behind

I’ve been remiss about getting posts to you with stories from our fun road trip to Texas in September. There’s so much to share about the trip, I don’t know where to begin.

Grace met lots and lots of children through events at schools, Boys and Girls Clubs and coffee shops. Grace was her amazing self as she connected with so many kids. There was one sweet boy who really wanted to pet her and he kindly asked permission to pet Grace. His name is Nolan and Grace thinks he is very special.

Grace wants to tell you about our visit with Dave Rios and his morning show at KONO 101.1 in San Antonio. I’ll be sure to get her blog to you very soon.


An Incredible Launch Party

Grace and I had a wonderful time at our Book 3 launch party in Boerne, Texas. We are SO grateful for the support of friends and friends of friends who joined us.

A special shout out to Frank and Jennifer Ramirez and the wonderful staff at the Bevy Hotel. We couldn’t have done it without you.


Katy and Grace

299-book-launch-3rd-book-of-everybody-loves-grace-series-fjjpd.jpg (2048×1365)
Having great fun signing books!

It’s Time for a Road Trip

We are leaving for road trip to San Antonio and Grace is very excited because Texas is at the top of her list of places to visit.

We will be launching Everybody Loves Grace Book 3 at the Bevy Hotel in the lovely town of Boerne, Texas on Sunday. It will be a great time to connect with good friends and we also know we will make new ones while we are there.


Katy and Grace

Launching at the Bevy Hotel in Boerne, TX on 15 September 2019

Suburban Parent Back to School Edition

We are excited to share with you that Grace’s books were featured in Suburban Parent Magazine’s Back to School Edition. It’s great to know the life lessons as shared by Grace are making a difference in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Just wait ’til they read Grace’s Adventures to Texas in Book 3!

International Friendship Day

Today is a day to remember friends from all over the world. I feel blessed to have friends I met when I lived overseas and we’ve kept our friendships going for decades. You’ll be hearing more about this in Everybody Loves Grace Book 3.

Grace’s big brother, Tinto, was a world traveler and he had friends all over the world too! He enjoyed the sights and sounds of other countries before moving to the United States.

Tinto on a beautiful day!

It’s National Ice Cream Day!

I love ice cream, especially when I can sneak a lick when someone’s cone is dripping. Let’s face it, sometimes I get to clean the bowl after Mommy is done eating her ice cream.

My favorite flavor is vanilla, what is yours?

Lovingly, Grace

Curious about Snails

I saw a snail for the first time on my walk today. I’m curious, are all snails slow? I thought maybe this one was slow because it’s so hot outside but then I heard Aunt Carol say something about a snail’s pace!

I love exploring and seeing new things on my walks and today was a fun one.

Beat Burnout with 10 Tips from Grace

With burnout now classified as an occupational syndrome, people are seeking new resources to deal with their symptoms and begin the road to recovery.

I have 10 tips to beat burnout – delivered through the lovable, fluffy and adventurous dog named Grace.

Beat Burnout with 10 Tips from Grace the Dog

1. Sleep, whenever and wherever you can!

2. Just go outside – jump, skip, and run.

3. Put up your paw and ask for help.

4. Play with those you love.

5.  Look out for your neighbors – they are a worthy cause.

6.  Make new friends, even with a cat!

7.  Share a smile or kind word, even with strangers.

8.  Recharge by putting your feet in the grass.

9.  Bark and whine to friends, especially those who are good listeners.

10.  It’s okay to say no and find your safe space.

Toes in the Grass

The World Health Organization (WHO) just came out saying burnout is a real thing. Oh no! WHO says it is an occupational or workplace syndrome. One of my tips for beating burnout is to put my toes in the grass.

So today, I went for a nice walk in the mountains and put my toes in the grass.

Lovingly, Grace

Walking in Genessee Park