What’s new with Katy and Grace!

How to Work a Crowd

I love to work a crowd. The best way I know how to do it is to ask Mommy to read my book. While the kids are listening to her read, I get in the middle of the crowd.

I have so much fun when we are sharing Everybody Loves Grace.

With Love, Grace

Another Road Trip

Mommy and I recently returned from a road trip to Utah and Arizona. We had so much fun on our adventure. We visited four National Parks and met lots of nice people.

Seeing the Grand Canyon from the North Rim gave me a new perspective of the majestic canyon. Perhaps it’s like life, we see things differently if we stand in a new place.

I hope you are enjoying my second book.

With Love, Grace

A view of the Grand Canyon from the North Rim

5 Mindfulness Tips from Grace

Kids and Parents Enjoy Grace’s 5 Mindfulness Tips

1) When you eat, really enjoy your food. (And know it’s okay if you don’t want to share.)
2) When you walk outside, lift your head and breathe through your nose. That’s the best way to smell all the sniffs in the air. REALLY breathe it in, all the way into your belly.
3) Notice EVERYTHING. Be present where you are and take in everything there is to see.
4) When you’re free to dig, dig deep and wide. Enjoy the dirt on your paws!
5) When the person you love speaks, perk up your ears and smile!

Book 2 is almost here!

Everybody Loves Grace: An Amazing True Story of Grace’s Adventure to the Grand Canyon launches on 17 June 2019. The printers confirmed the books will be in hand within the next two weeks.

Grace’s second book offers readers two new insights:

* The journey is an important part of every adventure.
* Good things happen on the “trail less traveled.”

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this special occasion.

Another Road Trip is Coming Soon!

Mommy’s been on the phone recently making plans for a road trip to Utah. That means we are going on a new adventure soon and I can’t wait!

I overheard Mommy making plans for us to stay in a cabin so we can visit Mt. Zion National Park and Pipe Spring National Monument across the boarder in Arizona. Rumor has it I might get to participate in some Junior Ranger activities while we are there.

It is going to be so much fun on our next adventure. I’ll be sure to send you pictures along the way.

With Love, Grace

Enjoying a sunny day in Denver before my next adventure!

My Adventure to the Grand Canyon

Hoorah! The Everybody Loves Grace Book 2 was sent to the printer today. That means you’ll be able to read about my road trip to the Grand Canyon in just a few weeks. It was a very fun trip and I can’t wait for you to join me on the adventure.

I’ll be giving you more details as the book release gets closer. In the meantime, I’ll be busy exploring and enjoying my everyday adventures.

With Love,

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is a special day! The Denver Teacher’s strike is over and the kids are back at school. When I was on my walk this morning, I was able to see my friends again on their way to school. I missed seeing them the past few days. Something extra special also happened – I got to walk with Damien and his Dad for a few blocks.

Damien reminded me it’s Valentine’s Day. He had a bag covered with red hearts filled with cards and candy to give to his classmates. It was so fun to feel the excitement and love in the air this morning.

Storytime at the BookBar

Grace and I had an opportunity to talk with a group of toddlers and their parents at the BookBar, a very special place in Denver. The children were younger than we are used to meeting, but they were SO interested in looking at the illustrations of Grace and petting her.

A couple of kids just couldn’t keep their eyes off of Grace, it was so sweet. There was a very cute baby who was just learning to crawl and all he wanted to do was pet Grace’s ears. He made everyone laugh, including Grace!

We look forward to going back to the BookBar after Grace’s next book is published soon.

Grace having listening intently at the BookBar.

Strolling Through Evergreen, CO

I had the best time the other day walking through this little town, Evergreen, not far from where I live in Denver, Colorado. The sun was shining as it does on most days in Colorado and we had friends visiting from Texas. I waited in the car while they ate breakfast, but it wasn’t long and we wandered from shop to shop and stopped for coffee in Evergreen.

The best part of the visit for me was all the people stopped to say hello and pet me. I met a nice lady from Nebraska who was visting with her husband – she was so kind.

Then we went to this shop called Evergreen Clothing & Mercantile. While Mommy was trying on clothes with her friends, the ladies in the shop treated me extra special and gave me lots of treats! It was such a fun day….I wish I could do this everyday.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention we saw a BIG herd of elk on our way home. I was worried about them as they were so close to the highway and cars were driving by very fast. Thankfully, all the elk were safe.

Elk near the road in Evergreen, CO

The 2nd Graders at DCIS Fairmount

Mommy and I visited DCIS Fairmount Elementary School on a very snowy day. It was so special. I got to meet 65 second grade students and we had such a fun time.

I was surprised how much the kids knew about my book and they asked Mommy lots of questions. It seems the students were very concerned about my trip to Denver on an airplane. They kept asking Mommy, “Did Grace really travel by herself on the plane?” I did fly by myself on the plane but the people at the airport took good care of me. Mommy reminded the kids that I knew it was the beginning of a new adventure. I looked forward to getting on the plane so I could get to Denver and meet Tinto.

When Mommy asked the kids, “If you could go anywhere you wanted to go, where would it be?” they raised their hands and had such great answers. One boy wanted to go for sushi, a few kids said they wanted to go to Japan, another to his house and one boy wanted to go with me to space.

I hope I get to meet the children from DCIS Fairmount again. It was a special day that I will never forget. Love, Grace

A Weekend with Friends

What a great time I just had with my friends, Liz and Skip, who were visiting from San Antonio, Texas. They decided to visit Denver to escape the cedar pollen season they were experiencing in Texas. I was so happy to have them visiting Mommy and me.

We explored so many of my favorite places. We went to Evergreen, Red Rocks, and Golden, Colorado in just two days. As we were walking around these fun places, the sun was shining, people were so happy and I got to meet a lot new people. I think one of my favorite things was visiting the majestic Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Of course, meeting so many nice people was also a treat.

Exploring Red Rocks Amphitheatre with my Friends

Top 10 Lessons from 2018

I learned a lot in 2018 and I thought I’d share my top 10 lessons:

1. Everyday is an adventure

2. A simple smile can make someone’s day

3. Meet people right where they are

4. Just be with people; don’t try to change them

5. I can listen, even if my ears hurt

6. People are willing to support me; it’s up to me to say “yes” and receive

7. Being outside is one of life’s simple pleasures

8. It’s okay to go in the direction I choose

9. Sometimes saying “no” is the greatest gift I can give

10. Road trips are the best!

Glory Days Grill Here We Come

We went on a long walk in the woods this morning by Gramma’s house in Virginia, but I’m more excited about what’s going to happen this afternoon.  I overheard Mommy making arrangements with Glory Days Grill for a book signing event later today.  I can’t wait because I’ll be meeting friends of Mommy whom I’ve never met before!

Mommy told me there will be people there from lots of places, like her swim team, McLean High School, Penn State, former work colleagues and her family.

And guess what?  The Penn State Nittany Lions football game is going to be on television at the same time as I’ll be signing books!  How does it get any better than that?

Book Signing flier


Happy Thanksgiving

Grace and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  Grace is really enjoying all the new sniffs around Grandma’s house in Virginia!!  She hopes you are having as much fun as she is on this holiday.

Signing Books at Koziar’s Christmas Village

Grace has been an amazing travel companion through the nearly 2,000 miles we drove to get to Koziar’s Christmas Village for a book paw-printing. Grace is truly the best co-pilot for any adventure.  She goes with the flow no matter what happens.  As Grace mentioned in her last post, we had to stop for the night unexpectedly because of an ice storm.  Grace just took it in stride and did what she does best….introduced herself to all the new people at the hotel and made them feel special.

We had a wonderful evening at Koziar’s Christmas Village on Saturday night.  At least 200 children and parents had the opportunity to meet Grace and say hello.  Grace thought it was very special.  Her only request was she wished she had more time to stay at Christmas Village and to meet Santa Claus.

Grace was in awe the whole time!  Christmas Village has over 1 million lights and special scenes of Christmas from around the world.  It truly is a special place and it was a special time for Grace and me.

Driving Across the United States

We made it to Pennsylvania on our road trip!  It was snowing when we left Denver on Monday but then the sun came out and it made for three nice days of driving.  I enjoyed looking out the window as Mommy drove, especially when the sun was setting.  We woke up on Thursday morning and there was ice all over the roads and the rain was freezing as it fell.  We took our time leaving the hotel on Thursday and thought we were going drive to Christmas Village so we could rest on Friday.

Well, while we were driving on Thursday the roads kept getting more and more slippery as the rain fell and ice was everywhere.  To tell you the truth, I was a little scared because these big trucks would pass us on the road.  When we stopped for gas I heard Mommy call her friend and tell her we would be checking into a hotel and not driving the last few hours to Christmas Village.

It turned out to be so much fun!  We got into our hotel room around noon and just spent the day watching more and more people check into our hotel.  There was a parking lot outside our window and I counted over 50 tractor trailer trucks pull into the lot and spend the night.  I was so happy to be safe and warm in our hotel room.

Here’s a photo of me on our road trip!


The Car is Tuned Up

It’s been a lot of fun lately getting ready for our road trip.  Mommy takes me in the car when she gets errands done like going to the post office, the dry cleaners or bringing books to a store so they can be sold. There seem to be lots of errands these days.

I just know our trip is going to be happening soon.  Yesterday we took the car into the shop and I heard Mommy ask the service man to change the oil and asked him to make sure everything is in “tip top” shape for our road trip.  I think I heard her say we will be driving for three days to get to Koziar’s Christmas Village!

It’s always special when Mommy and I travel in the car, it means I will meet nice people, listen to good music and see new places.  I can’t wait.

Getting Ready for a Road Trip

I’ve been busy getting ready for my next road trip.  Mommy has started to prepare my things as we get ready to drive to Pennsylvania.  We will be visiting Koziar’s Christmas Village.  Did you know they have over 1 million lights at Christmas Village?  I’ve seen pictures and it sure looks like a special place.

I can’t wait because I’ll get to see Santa Claus and his reindeer.  I’ve promised Mommy I won’t try to herd the reindeer as I’m bred to do.  Most importantly, I’m going to meet lots of new children and share my story with them.

If you get the chance to join me, I’ll be paw printing my books on 17 and 18 November at Koziar’s Christmas Village.

Lots of Hikes

I was so lucky this week!  I got to go on three hikes with Mommy and her friends who were visiting.  I probably would have been taken on a fourth hike if it hadn’t snowed on Sunday!

I just love being outside on hikes, it feels so good to breathe in the fresh air and take in all the new sniffs.  On one our hikes at Staunton State Park, the smell of pine trees was so powerful – I’ve never smelled pine so strong before and it was fresh and clean.  There’s a beautiful pond at the park, Mommy asked me not to swim in it because my ears have been bothering me.   She thinks getting water in my ears keeps them from healing so I listened to her because I want my ears to feel better soon.

Our friends left this morning.  It always makes me a little sad to say goodbye to friends who visit but I know they had fun, and I did too.  It’s special to have people visit Mommy and me because it means we try new things and go on adventures.  This time the adventures were beautiful hikes in the Colorado mountains.


Good Friends Visiting

It seems like every time the leaves start to change color, Mommy and I get visits from our friends.  I think it must be because Colorado is so pretty at this time of the year.  Just last night our friends Lisa and Steve arrived and I was so happy to see them.  They make me laugh all the time and they like to take me on special hikes with them.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store this week as I know we will go on special hikes and see the beautiful leaves as they are changing colors in Colorado!