What’s new with Katy and Grace!

Getting Ready for a Road Trip

I’ve been busy getting ready for my next road trip.  Mommy has started to prepare my things as we get ready to drive to Pennsylvania.  We will be visiting Koziar’s Christmas Village.  Did you know they have over 1 million lights at Christmas Village?  I’ve seen pictures and it sure looks like a special place.

I can’t wait because I’ll get to see Santa Claus and his reindeer.  I’ve promised Mommy I won’t try to herd the reindeer as I’m bred to do.  Most importantly, I’m going to meet lots of new children and share my story with them.

If you get the chance to join me, I’ll be paw printing my books on 17 and 18 November at Koziar’s Christmas Village.

Lots of Hikes

I was so lucky this week!  I got to go on three hikes with Mommy and her friends who were visiting.  I probably would have been taken on a fourth hike if it hadn’t snowed on Sunday!

I just love being outside on hikes, it feels so good to breathe in the fresh air and take in all the new sniffs.  On one our hikes at Staunton State Park, the smell of pine trees was so powerful – I’ve never smelled pine so strong before and it was fresh and clean.  There’s a beautiful pond at the park, Mommy asked me not to swim in it because my ears have been bothering me.   She thinks getting water in my ears keeps them from healing so I listened to her because I want my ears to feel better soon.

Our friends left this morning.  It always makes me a little sad to say goodbye to friends who visit but I know they had fun, and I did too.  It’s special to have people visit Mommy and me because it means we try new things and go on adventures.  This time the adventures were beautiful hikes in the Colorado mountains.


Good Friends Visiting

It seems like every time the leaves start to change color, Mommy and I get visits from our friends.  I think it must be because Colorado is so pretty at this time of the year.  Just last night our friends Lisa and Steve arrived and I was so happy to see them.  They make me laugh all the time and they like to take me on special hikes with them.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store this week as I know we will go on special hikes and see the beautiful leaves as they are changing colors in Colorado!

That was Fun!

Thank you to all the friends who came by to help celebrate the launch of my first book!  Wow, what a turn out.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in the lobby of my condo building and it was so much fun.  Mommy broke the rules and took me off my leash so I could walk around and greet everyone.

People waited in a very long line to get their books signed.  Since Mommy was so busy signing books, I thought it important to say hello to every person who came to the party.

The most special part of the evening was saying hello to the kids, many whom I met for the first time!

Today is the Day!

Tonight we are launching Everybody Loves Grace.  I think the book launch is going to be so much fun!  Mommy has been making arrangements for the party and I have a feeling lots of neighbors and friends will be here for it!

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes tomorrow.  It’s finally here!

The Books Are Here!

The books were delivered to our condo yesterday! I spent part of the day signing each one of the books with my paw print.  I thought it would be good to get a head start before the launch on Monday. It was really fun!!  Now I can spend more time with everyone and won’t be so busy signing books at the party.

Mommy took me for a nice hike today and the leaves were so pretty. They were gold and red in color.  There was also a beautiful lake where we were hiking, I really wanted to go for a swim but there was a sign that said, “no swimming permitted.”  Oh, and I got to get close to a white and brown spotted horse who was on our trail.  It was fun to spend such a beautiful and sunny day outdoors.

I Can’t Wait

It’s almost here and I can’t wait!  I’m finally going to share Everybody Loves Grace with you. I hear Mommy talking to the printers and I know the books are shipped and on their way to our condo!  I also hear Mommy on the telephone making arrangements for the party where we are going to be launching the book.  I’m not really sure why it’s called a book launch, because I think that’s something that rockets do.  I just know Mommy keeps calling it a book launch,

I’m very happy that some of the people I talk about in the story will be attending the party.  It will be nice for everyone to meet these special people.

I wish everyone reading my blog could join me at the book launch, but I know that isn’t possible.  I do hope I get to meet you someday.

Traffic Lights Not Working

Yesterday I got to see Bobby who you will get to know in my book.  He was telling Mommy that the traffic lights near us weren’t working.  He said that made it very hard for him to cross the street safely in his wheelchair.  I then heard him tell Mommy that a man on a bike ran into him and knocked him over as he was trying to cross 6th Avenue.  Thankfully Bobby said he only got a few scratches.  I am so happy Bobby is okay and he just amazes me how he smiles no matter what.

The Book Launch is Near

I’m excited to announce that Grace will be hosting her first book signing on 1 October!  She is ready to start pawtographing her book and she said she might also do a reading from the book.

We are grateful for all the friends who said they are coming to the party!  Grace is also looking forward to making new friends in the near future as she schedules readings at schools, libraries and bookstores.

Please stay tuned as we are scheduling our next big adventure and are planning a big road trip so Grace can meet lots of children and share her story.


Strong Winds

Denver has a very dry climate and it’s high up towards the sky.  I hear people call it the mile-high city.  In the summer, we get storms that roll in quickly.  Tonight was one of those nights – I was sitting on the patio and all of the sudden, the winds started to blow.  They were very strong and then came a loud clap of thunder.

I don’t really like it when the winds are strong and it’s not safe to be outside when it is lightening with thunder.  I decided to come inside and sit next to Mommy while she was writing to you!

A Special Night

What a special night for me.  Mommy let me know she was going to dinner with friends and when she got ready, she put on a pretty dress!

I didn’t know who she went to dinner with until they all came in the door after dinner.  Two friends of ours who used to be neighbors were at dinner with Mommy.  I wish they still lived in our building – I would like to see them more often!

Walking through the Lobby

Yesterday I was walking through the lobby and this young man and lady were talking to Hannah who works at the front desk.  They were so friendly and kind to me.

Hannah stopped me today as I was on my way for an afternoon walk.  She said, “that was my brother, and Grace, he says he just has to have you!”

I think it’s very sweet for him to say that, but I’m not sure he understands how far he’d have to walk me if I were his dog!

The Golden Farmer’s Market

There are a bunch of white tents set up in a parking lot and they call it a Farmer’s Market.  I think the tents are supposed to protect the people and the vegetables from the hot sun.  There are always lots and lots of people at the Farmer’s Market.  It is just very special because it seems like everyone is happy.  There’s all kinds of vegetables, meat, baked goods and even dog treats for sale!  My Mommy likes to buy beautiful bouquets of flowers and bring them home to our condo.

I noticed the Farmer’s Market is set up right next to the Golden Town library.  I hope they decide to carry my book some day!

A Day in Golden, CO

Mommy wanted to go for a hike today so we headed to Mount Galbraith in Golden. It has trails and is one of our favorite places to hike.  We come here often; however, at this time of year, the path is really overgrown and narrow.  We hiked about 30 minutes and I decided to turn around – just like that – I made a quick U-turn.

Mommy knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I preferred going into town and walking by the creek.  This way I could go swimming and walk through the Farmer’s Market.  I had SO much fun at the creek.  There were lots of kids putting tubes in the water and floating down the creek.  I waited for them to pass by and would quickly step into the water – it was so refreshing!  I’ll tell you more about the Farmer’s Market next time.

Bison Are Big

Well, Mommy wasn’t kidding when she told you Bison are very big!  I saw the signs as we drove into the park that said, “Be Sure to Stay in Your Car.” I can see why, the Bison are so BIG and they stay in a group also known as a herd.  Mommy rolled down the car windows and I could see just fine. Bison are brown and they have shaggy long hair and some of them have horns.  I watched them graze on the dry grass.  I heard Mommy say that although the Bison seem peaceful, unconcerned and even lazy, they can decide to start running at 35mph and attack without a warning.  I knew we were safe in our car as I counted at least 12 Bison in the herd and some of them were baby Bison.

Bison Watching

We went on a drive through the State Park and and there’s this one part that has Bison in the fields.  Bison can be very dangerous because they are very large and are meant to roam free.   When we saw the Bison from the car, Grace just started smiling as she looked out the window.  I’ll let her tell you more about it on our next blog.

Wyoming Here We Come!

Grace loves to go on road trips and we haven’t been on one in a few months.  I decided it was time to “hit the road” before summer was over.  So we packed the blue cooler, Grace’s blanket, our orange suitcase and headed to Wyoming.  It is beautiful here and Grace is so happy!

Today we went on a hike in the Hot Springs State Park and when we finished, this really nice group of people invited us to join their picnic.  I know it was because they just couldn’t keep their eyes off Grace as they started to pet her.  It didn’t take long and one by one all the people came by to pet Grace.  As we all know, Everybody Loves Grace.

Good Neighbors

When Mommy goes away, she asks these very cool neighbors, Kyle and Ali, to take care of me.  Sometimes I stay with other fun neighbors who I’ll tell you about another time.

I used to stay at Aunt Carol’s house, but lately that’s changed.

It makes it a lot easier on my Mommy and me since these are neighbors who live just down the hall from us.  It’s easy to go back and forth between condos during the day.  Kyle and Ali leave me at home when they are at work and they come pick me up at the end of their work day.  They are so much fun!  I love them very much.  I sleep by each side of the bed when I’m there so they can feel my great love for them.

Making Plans

I overheard Mommy making plans to go on a trip.  She doesn’t technically have a job where she goes to an office everyday, but she stays very active with all kinds of projects.  She said something about going to a Board meeting to a place near a lake in Michigan.  I think that means she’s getting on a plane soon.  The group she works with provides training and support to people who are very poor in faraway places like Africa.

While I don’t like it that Mommy will be gone for a few days, I think it’s neat that she and her friends will be helping some of the very poor people in the world.

Morning Walk

We headed for our morning walk and the streets were strangely quiet after all the music playing yesterday.  I saw this one man who looked sad and tired.  I’m pretty sure he’d just woken up from sleeping.  He asked if he could pet me and of course, Mommy said, “yes” as I walked over to him.  He was so kind and he asked me my name.  He petted me gently.  As I walked away he said, “you know, you just made my day!”