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Everybody Loves Grace Books

Everybody Loves Grace—Book 1: Grace Brings Love to Everyone She Meets

Everybody Loves Grace—Book 2: Grace’s Adventure to the Grand Canyon

Everybody Loves Grace—Book 3: Grace’s Adventure to Texas

Everybody Loves Grace—Book 4: Grace’s Adventure to Utah

Everybody Loves Grace—Book 5: Grace’s Adventure to Pennsylvania

Everybody Loves Grace—Book 6: Grace’s Adventure to Washington, D.C.

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Hi! My name is Grace.

Welcome to my site.

I am glad you are here because I love having visitors, whether it is in real life or on the Internet.

I am over 10 years old and live with Mommy in Colorado. That is a state in the western part of the United States. It has lots of mountains with days of sunshine and days of snow. One of my favorite things is going to our friend’s house in the mountains.

The way I see it, life is an adventure.

I have had a lot of adventures in my life. You can read about some of them in Everybody Loves Grace, books 1, 2, and 3!

Loving people is another one of my favorite things.

Everyone needs love. I look into the eyes of every person I meet so they can feel the love I have for them. They like to pet me, and I like it too. And sometimes, I give them my paw to say hi.

Even when I am not sure what will happen next, I find the fun and the good in everything I do and in everyone I meet. It certainly makes life more interesting!

I hope you like my site.

Please join me on my very first adventure.
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Lovingly yours,

A special dog. A heartwarming story.

What’s New with Katy and Grace?

Living With Grace – Start the Adventure Now!

If you want to take your favorite seniors on an adventure, I have great news!

The award-winning book series Everybody Loves Grace is now a comprehensive activity program for seniors called Living With Grace

Grace the Dog is out to enhance the lives of seniors with her adventures from the Grand Canyon in Arizona to barbeque festivals in Colorado!

Living With Grace engages seniors to live fuller, happier lives through positive, timely, and relevant messages. It includes:

  • 6 book series full of adventures!
  • 6 Audio books
  • Facilitator guides
  • Grace the Dog Plush
  • Training Video

“Relatable stories, valuable lessons, inspiring messages, and a wonderful resource for my team to be able to care for our residents more and be at their desks less. Thank you Katy and Grace!”


Senior Living Engagement Consultant

To learn more about how Living With Grace can support seniors to see themselves as valuable contributors to their community, please visit my website at today!

Let There Be Magic in 2024

It seems hard to believe I was saying goodbye to Grace at this time last year. She was such a big part of my life and I miss her every day. That said, I’ve come to realize the beauty of Grace living on through her books.

At least once a week I get a picture from a parent who wants to share about the special connection their child has with Grace. A connection they make through her stories.

I wish I could share with you all the emails, phone calls and text messages I receive. They come from people who are truly her fans. The sweet photo below came to me this week from a family in Maryland.

Recently, I was driving to meet a 5-year-old, Amelia, because she wanted to meet Grace’s mommy. I reminded myself on the way to meet her that “this is a joyous occasion.” I am so lucky to connect with young readers who absolutely adore Grace.

This is a long way of saying, there’s beauty and joy even in difficult times, we must look for it. The beauty I see is connecting with each of you and knowing Grace lives on through the Everybody Loves Grace books.

My hope for all of you is to find the magic in simple things in life and the holiday season.

Merry Christmas, Katy

Everybody Loves Grace Book Signing – 25 November 2023

I’m excited to be signing Grace books on Saturday, November 25th…a busy shopping day on the weekend after Thanksgiving. What I’m most exited about is spreading the word about the Everybody Loves Grace series and having the books reach more children.

Please invite your friends and join me on Saturday the 25th from 1:00 – 3:00pm at the Denver Southwest Barnes & Noble located at 8136 W. Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO.

Cheers, Katy

Seniors Love Grace – Doesn’t Everybody?

To help the seniors in your life smile and enjoy a happier, fuller, life, let me introduce you to Grace! She is a very special dog who takes you on adventures in the award-winning book series Everybody Loves Grace. They are part of the activity program Living with...

Living With Grace – Start the Adventure Now!

If you want to take your favorite seniors on an adventure, I have great news! The award-winning book series Everybody Loves Grace is now a comprehensive activity program for seniors called Living With Grace.  Grace the Dog is out to enhance the lives of seniors...

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Grace has a new friend who lives in The Bronx, NY. The Everybody Loves Grace books are still having an impact. We love our new friend. ❤️ #EveryBodyLovesGrace #kindnessmatters #kidlit #dog #adventure
I’m passionate about the Living With Grace seniors program. Helping seniors connect, create community and thrive - one story at a time. #EverybodyLovesGrace #LivingWithGrace #community #Seniors #Thrive #Dogs
Denver friends…what’s a little snow? I’ll be signing books until 3:00pm at Barnes & Noble - Denver 8136 W. Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO
My heart be still…making a difference with the children served by the Gus Bus in Virginia. Love, Grace ❤️
#EveryBodyLovesGrace #kidlit #simpleactsofkindness
I’m excited to share that my new book, “Humble Yet Fierce: My Life Behind the Curtain of the CIA,” is officially published. When I headed off to college in 1979, I couldn’t have imagined that one day I would be writing books and delivering speeches about leadership.

Yet it’s here, a book with some of my life stories and lessons learned about work and leadership during my thirty-two year career in the CIA.

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Story time is the best. Love, Grace ❤️#EveryBodyLovesGrace #kindnessmatters #kidlit #poweroflove
Mommy went to the Kennedy Center and I got to stay home with Grandma Joan! Love, Grace ❤️ #EveryBodyLovesGrace #family #ittakesavillage #wicked
Guess who came to visit me?  My great friend might remember Everybody Loves Nathan as much as Everybody Loves Grace. ❤️ #book5 #bestfriends #pennsylvania #kindnessmatters
I mean seriously..isn’t my new haircut just the best?  Love, Grace ❤️ #EveryBodyLovesGrace #kindnessmatters #kidlit #ittakesavillage
Sunday’s are the best when my friends come to visit. Love, Grace ❤️#EveryBodyLovesGrace #friends #tuckahoe #livingwithgrace #grace
Excited to let you know book 6 received the NYC Big Book Award in the Children’s Motivational Category.  Love, Grace ❤️ #EveryBodyLovesGrace #LivingWithGrace #motivational #kidlit #agingwithgrace
I can’t make this up.  Love, Grace ❤️#EveryBodyLovesGrace #Kindnessmatters #livingwithgrace #graceplush #kidlit