Everybody Loves Grace—Book 4 (3-Book Special)

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The Everybody Loves Grace illustrated books are true stories written from the perspective of Katy McQuaid’s dog, Grace. The books take a fun, light, and humorous approach while addressing some of the most challenging situations people encounter in life.

Everybody Loves Grace: A True Story of Grace’s Adventure to Utah allows readers of all ages to learn how empowering it is to go places when it’s just the girls. People and places never stay the same so there’s adventure in going to places we’ve been before. Through Grace and her mommy Katy, lessons are learned throughout the book on the importance of learning to have courage to do things you want to do and the awareness that people and places change over time.

Publisher: Everybody Loves Grace Publishing
Language: English
Publication date: June 2020
ISBN Print: 978-1-948512-05-3
ISBN eBook: 978-1-948512-06-0
Format: Softback
Pages: 64
Size: 6 X 9
Bundle Quantity: 3 books

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