A Seniors Program Designed with Love

Based on books about kindness, positivity, and a very special dog. The Living with Grace seniors program supports caretakers in their mission to provide seniors with a fuller and happier life.

What the Living with Grace Program Does for Seniors

Studies have shown that when seniors are engaged with others, emotional well-being and physical health improves. Because growing older comes with many changes, it is essentially important to support seniors with ways to navigate change, be active, feel inspired, stay connected with others, and see themselves as valuable contributors within their community. To live in this way is to thrive.

Living with Grace—A Seniors Program supports caretakers in their mission to provide seniors with a fuller and happier life. The messages the program delivers are positive, timely, and relevant to their special needs. Living with Grace—A Seniors Program can inspire happiness for everyone in your community and will add value to your organization’s existing activity programming. Join us in spreading positivity by connecting seniors through literature!

Stories to Share

Storytelling is essential to communication, as it allows messages to more easily be understood and embraced, and it can illustrate what people have in common.

Meaningful Connections

Connections among the seniors as well as between the seniors and the staff will allow for more flourishing relationships for all.

Contributions to the Organization

Living with Grace—A Seniors Program will complement the existing services being offered to your seniors.

Ways to Thrive Each Day

A focus of the program is to help seniors see that they have a degree of control over how they perceive their surroundings. Life can be viewed as a collection of daily adventures.


“I thought at first I was reading children’s books, but lo and behold they’re books for everyone. As I followed Grace on her trips I felt like I was going right along with her. What fun for a wheel-bound senior! Grace’s books are comforting and adventurous. Fortunately, I got to meet Grace and what a joy and sweet memory that is.”

—Sherrie J.

Program Participant

“Relatable stories, valuable lessons, inspiring messages, and a wonderful resource for my team to be able to care for our residents more and be at their desks less. Thank you Katy and Grace!”

Brenda Hunt

Senior Living Engagement Consultant

Program Includes:

  • Program Facilitator Guide
  • Training Video
  • Grace Plush Dog (3 each)
  • 6 Audio Books
  • 6 Book Series (3 Copies)

Program Price: