Signing Books at Koziar’s Christmas Village

by | Nov 21, 2018

Grace has been an amazing travel companion through the nearly 2,000 miles we drove to get to Koziar’s Christmas Village for a book paw-printing. Grace is truly the best co-pilot for any adventure.  She goes with the flow no matter what happens.  As Grace mentioned in her last post, we had to stop for the night unexpectedly because of an ice storm.  Grace just took it in stride and did what she does best….introduced herself to all the new people at the hotel and made them feel special.

We had a wonderful evening at Koziar’s Christmas Village on Saturday night.  At least 200 children and parents had the opportunity to meet Grace and say hello.  Grace thought it was very special.  Her only request was she wished she had more time to stay at Christmas Village and to meet Santa Claus.

Grace was in awe the whole time!  Christmas Village has over 1 million lights and special scenes of Christmas from around the world.  It truly is a special place and it was a special time for Grace and me.

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