Seniors Love Grace – Doesn’t Everybody?

by | May 31, 2024

To help the seniors in your life smile and enjoy a happier, fuller, life, let me introduce you to Grace!

She is a very special dog who takes you on adventures in the award-winning book series Everybody Loves Grace. They are part of the activity program Living with Grace which includes 6 books, Grace the Dog Plush, facilitator guides, training video, and audio recordings.

Your seniors share in her trips across the country and are encouraged to reminisce about their own adventures, special moments, and favorite pets. 

“I thought at first I was reading children’s books, but lo and behold they’re books for everyone. As I followed Grace on her trips I felt like I was going right along with her. What fun for a wheel-bound senior! Grace’s books are comforting and adventurous. Fortunately, I got to meet Grace and what a joy and sweet memory that is.”


Program Participant

Living with Grace encourages storytelling and promotes meaningful connections to help your seniors thrive every day. 

To learn more about how Living With Grace is making a difference, please visit today!


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