Grace Is A Road Warrior

by | Jul 26, 2022

Some readers think I’m kidding when I say Grace doesn’t sleep when she’s in
the car on a road trip, but it’s true. Grace made another cross-country trip
with me this month and she slept a total of 30 minutes, max.  It only took us three days to drive from Colorado
to Virginia thanks to the help from my dear friend, Beth Nicoson.

Grace did an amazing job of going with the flow on the trip even when the
car’s air conditioning decided not to work while driving through Nebraska.
The kind staff at Dirk’s Auto in Lincoln, NE, fit us in for a repair because we
were traveling with “a senior dog.” Thanks to Dirk’s, our car was in
the shop at 0800am on day two of our drive, and we were cool and ready to go by

The July road trip combined with the last few months have all the key elements for a new Everybody Loves Grace story. I’m excited to get writing book 7 in the series.

Until Then, Katy


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