Showcasing Living with Grace – A Seniors Program

by | Oct 11, 2022

I’m excited to share that we are officially launching the Living with Grace Seniors Program. This special program was developed to provide seniors with a fuller and happier life. The messages the program delivers are positive, timely, and relevant to their special needs. We’ve tried it out at a number of centers and have seen first-hand how the program brings the participants joy within themselves and connection with others.

Studies have shown that when seniors are engaged with others, emotional well-being and physical health improves. Because growing older comes with many changes, it is essentially important to support seniors with ways to navigate change, be active, feel inspired, stay connected with others and see themselves as valuable contributors within their community. To live in this way is to thrive.

The Living with Grace Seniors Program is filled with stories to share, meaningful connections, contributes to an organization and provides participants with ways to thrive each day.

I look forward to sharing with you how this adventure unfolds. The program launch is at the National Adult Day Services Association conference in Pittsburgh, PA on 12-14 October 2022. Lovingly, Katy

Team Living with Grace


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