Better Books for a Better World Silver Award

by | May 10, 2021

It warms my heart to know that Grace’s life lessons are helping to make a better world. Everybody Loves Grace: A True Story of Grace’s Adventure to Pennsylvania was awarded the 2020 Nautilus Book’s Silver Award for Children’s Illustrated Fiction.

Through Grace’s eyes we learn about the importance of doing what we want to do in life and not putting off the things on our bucket list. In addition, Grace shares about the importance of preparing for life’s special events and also being flexible when changes are necessary.

Of course, this special recognition is only possible because of our amazing team. Thank you to illustrator Susan Lavalley Weaver, graphic layout Megan Leid, editors Mel Cohen, Tracy Johnson, Linda Hartley, Dean Bernard and Maryann Hrichak. Website and social media experts Robert Staddon and Lindsey Kotik.

We celebrate this wonderful news together.

We are so grateful. Lovingly, Katy and Grace


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