Grace Inspires Children

by | Jul 20, 2021

Everybody Loves Grace and Everybody Loves Coco. The Everybody Loves Grace series inspired young writer, Vidya Malgari, to write a book about her dog, Coco, after reading Grace’s stories.

Vidya’s book, Everybody Loves Coco, is a sweet and endearing story about Coco. The reader learns about Coco’s arrival with her new family and about her adventures to Massachusetts, West Virginia and in Northern Virginia.

I’ve always said that my goal with the Everybody Loves Grace series is to inspire children and give them courage to go through life’s changes knowing things will work out well. It’s wonderful to know that Grace’s stories are inspiring young writers too.

I was grateful to meet Vidya, along with her Mom and siblings, Anya and Ravi, neighbor Joy and of course, Coco. Thank you Vidya for your beautiful book.

With Love, Katy


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