Humble Yet Fierce

by | Jul 7, 2023

My newest book, Humble Yet Fierce: My Life Behind the Curtain of the CIA, is dedicated to Grace for helping me find my voice. When I started telling Grace’s stories, I had no idea they would lead me to writing my story.

Often, we want to speak up, but we don’t, gripped by fear and the need to get along. The reality is, it’s hard to find our voice: and then one day we do.

Like the Everybody Loves Grace stories, I bring my true-life stories of courage, faith, and adventure related to that journey. From the life-changing events in my first year of college to my career in the CIA, I share that you don’t have to be loud to be strong.

It’s only fitting that Grace is on the cover of the book with me as I am often reminded how Grace epitomized being Humble Yet Fierce. You can read about Grace in Part 8: Find Your Voice.

If you are interested in ordering the book, you can  buy it on Amazon.


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