Bison Are Big

by | Sep 5, 2018

Well, Mommy wasn’t kidding when she told you Bison are very big!  I saw the signs as we drove into the park that said, “Be Sure to Stay in Your Car.” I can see why, the Bison are so BIG and they stay in a group also known as a herd.  Mommy rolled down the car windows and I could see just fine. Bison are brown and they have shaggy long hair and some of them have horns.  I watched them graze on the dry grass.  I heard Mommy say that although the Bison seem peaceful, unconcerned and even lazy, they can decide to start running at 35mph and attack without a warning.  I knew we were safe in our car as I counted at least 12 Bison in the herd and some of them were baby Bison.


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