My Favorite Illustrator

by | Dec 4, 2021

Remember I mentioned teamwork in my last blog? A very important person on my team is Susan Lavalley. She creates the beautiful illustrations for the Everybody Loves Grace books to include the covers and inside of each book.

When Mommy writes my stories, I let her know when the manuscript is done. Yes, that’s true! Then the first person Mommy calls is Susan. I hear Mommy ask her, “are you ready to start illustrating Grace’s newest adventure?”

It’s fun listening to Mommy talk with Susan about what she has in store for each book during the creative process.

It really takes a team to bring my stories to life and I’m so lucky Susan Lavalley is on my team. A fun fact about Susan is that she and her husband, Pete, own and operate Humble Bees Farm, a Local Missouri Beekeeping Farm.

Lovingly, Grace

My Favorite Illustrator, Susan with Pete!


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